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Welcome to our studio. Here in our workshop in the Eastern Ontario countryside we devote ourselves to designing and making the highest quality traditional and custom handmade furniture. We design each piece drawing on the knowledge of the greatest Canadian and European woodworkers. Each is meticulously built to last well over a hundred years. Our furniture is handmade to be solid, comfortable and beautiful. A chair from our workshop has a past, a present, and a future.

A successful piece makes a room. Drawing on tradition and expressing your taste, it lends strength, beauty and the sense of belonging to your home. More than this: for us the right chair is the one that you love to sit in; the best table is the one you use. Place it in its room and it will be elegant, fitting, and useful for generations to come.

On this website you will find some of our chairs, tables and lovingly-built cabinets as well as a brief description of who we are, the way we make our furniture by hand and how to see more of our woodwork. If this is your first visit, we invite you to take our welcome tour, look at our current handmade furniture, and browse our galleries of handmade studio furniture, reproductions, architectural work and restorations.

The Solid Woodwork Logo

Trees seek fullness and perfection, and our work seeks the same. This striving is represented in the slope of the hill. When selecting wood, we prefer hard woods like maple, ash, or mahogany. Thus hard wood is higher on the slope.  This is because it is more durable than soft woods like beech, pine, or cedar. The geometric symbols suggest simplicity and the perfection of these species.