Surfaces with legs

Queen Anne Table and Chairs


This set was built as a chess and gaming table. I used local black walnut for the rich dark colour and strong grain. The top is inlaid with a board made of maple and rosewood for the play surface. Notice the graceful cabriole legs on each piece changing curves for their scale with turned [...]

Hickory Table


This table is part of a suite for a health centre. Hickory was chosen for its extreme hardness and beautiful colour. The detailing recalls asian roots of its owner with incurved legs but with a spare modern style. The wood has strong open grain and white sapwood that will slowly darken with age. [...]

Dining Table & Corner Cabinet


This is an English refectory table of hickory with massive turned legs and low support bars.White sapwood was planned to show two strong bands on the top. Its sister table is square to form an extension  for twelve people. It is bolted with cross dowels to allow for shipping. The corner cabinet is made [...]

Chess Table with Drawer


This is a  small chess table for keen players. The playing surface is inlaid maple and rosewood. The drawer is shared through both sides and the inside is felt lined. The primary wood is walnut with its pores filled the surfaces oiled and polished with shellac. The work surface has an additional coat of [...]

Oval Coffee Table Pair


Here a pair of coffee tables from a single top answer the need for two nesting tables and a child height movable unit. The glass keeps it clean and allows view to the contents below when they are nesting. The leg incurve focuses energy in the middle of the space where the circle resolves [...]

Tripod Tea Table


  This is a classic Shaker design with a visually light design and robust construction. This one is walnut. The bird's eye top has ebonized maple leg set. Others I have made of cherry, butternut and mahogany. After turning, the column is morticed to receive dovetailed legs. This is a sliding French dovetail forming [...]

Tea Table


Black walnut reproduction of a Canadian made candle stand circa 1820.  Padded “snake” foot legs are dovetailed into an urn shaped centre turning.  It is much polished with tung oil.  (approximately $1500)

Roundtable Gaming Table


This gaming table has hand carved cabriole legs in the Queen Anne style. It has felted cup slides for each player. The top is made from one plank of Brazilian Mahogany and the legs are worked from a single billet. It is stained and pore filled with a top coat of alcohol-resistant polish. [...]