Bath Server

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Project Description

This case work is designed as a bath server for linens. It is a rustic interpretation of Louis XV design elements carefully proportioned and carved in Butternut. Surfaces are worked with edge tools by hand then ribbed with earth pigments in oil. The lower apron’s shape repeats in the middle panel and upper gallery in an elegant, whimsical style.

We chose knob bulls and hinges in pewter to avoid rust in a moist place and give French flair. The door panels are shaped to match the frame and caved to produce a centre field. The outside edges are moulded and inset into the case.

This detail shows the rattail hinge that allows doors to lift off for moving or cleaning. The apron has been carved to allow a strong bead. Notice the lamb’s tongue worked on the post champher on the right corner. The quarter circle cutaway corners are typical of French and Louis XV style.